Karl Petti is a  composer, producer, musician, guitar teacher and sound designer based in Tallinn, Estonia.

He writes music for theatre, video games, movies and other media, as well as having released a full length album (2018) and 2 EP-s (2015 & 2019).  Petti´s current main focus is rhythmic, colorful, jazz-inspired electronic music but his portfolio includes pieces written in a wide range of genres spanning ambient, choral, contemporary classical, electroacoustic, jazz, pop, metal, folk and rock music.

He has received training in classical guitar and composition.  In 2013 Karl enrolled to study electro-acoustic composition at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, graduating cum laude in 2017.

Petti gives live performances as a solo act as well as leading his 5-piece Karl Petti Band (alongside some of the best Estonian instrumentalists Kirke Karja, Hans Kurvits, Argo Vals and Indrek Mällo). He also occasionally performs as a guitarist and singer with various other ensembles having stepped on stages in places such as Estonia, Iceland, The Netherlands, China, Israel, Lebanon, Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Hungary.

Together with Argo Vals they form the ValsPetti guitar duo.

Lennart Peep, theatre director

“Karl is a great composer. The music for “Caligula” (Must Kast theatre production 2018) precisely fulfilled the agreed upon functions and atmospheres. His compositions are majestic and powerful as well as minimalistic and sensitive. In most cases it is music that binds a theatrical production into a coherent whole and thus I especially appreciate Karl´s contribution to the project. Behind Karl´s kind, introverted nature there is a deep and colourful world of fantasy as well as a hefty dose of madness and hellfire. Karl´s curiosity and ability to actively listen make him a good partner in any creative projective. Choose the best, choose Karl.”

Urmas Reisberg, film director

“”Karl Petti is a very good composer for film and video. As a director I am very grateful that Karl, before starting his work, listens attentively to the expectations of the director. And after that delivers exactly what was asked for. And all the things that a director like me doesn´t know how to ask for, gets injected with Karl´s personality – his specific style that joins the musical fragments into an integral whole. What I´m especially fascinated by is the fact that Karl has a mastery of “sound”: oftentimes he´s not as much composing music (you know: melodies, harmonies, rhythms) but rather composing space – an almost unnoticeable environment, that nonetheless makes the action of the movie vibrate and the story sound right. On top of that Karl is also a very intelligent and warm person, so cooperation with him has always been a pure joy.” – 

Argo Vals,
composer and musician

“I have deeply respected Karl´s creations since the first time I heard it half a lifetime ago. Karl doesn´t compromise in his work. At the same time, the music flows out of him seemingly effortlessly.”

Stella Salumaa,animator and illustrator

“Karl created the sound effects and music for my animated short “The Itch”. Our cooperation was smooth and I was very pleased with the end result. Hopefully we´ll have another chance of working together in the future. I recommend him to anybody looking for sound for their film. Karl is a very talented composer and musician.” 

cultural journalist Margus Haav

“Veemaal” floats in oxygenated water, that is iridescent and of changing colours but not stagnant. 

music journalist Berk Vaher regarding “Veemaal” (2018)

“Karl Petti´s album represents everything that fascinated me in the music of 2018.” 

theatreblog Danzumees regarding the theatrical production of “Caligula”

“The sound design and music were among this year´s most compelling and enjoyable.” 

Vootele Ruusmaa,
musician and music journalist

““Talamak EP” is coherent, full of nuance and extremely tasteful.” 

Robin Lindh Nilsson, game developer

“Karl helped us making sound effects for a game project, and it was a good time. Karl is humble and easy to work with.”

Malle Maltis,
composer/professor of composition at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

“Karl Petti is a determined young composer with original ideas, a clear personal vision and a strong potential for growth.”